Tuesday, March 24, 2015

spring love adventure

hyacinth love

I ran across this quotation twice today and I thought to myself, "I need to remember this!" I wondered where to put it and then I remembered I had a blog! Hope anyone stopping by enjoys it as well. It resonates so deeply for me right now. Just love, love, love...

Your life will have a kind of perfection, although you will not be saints. The perfection will consist in this: you will be very weak and you will make many mistakes; you will be awkward, for you will be poor in spirit and hunger and thirst for justice. You will not be perfect, but you will love. This is the gate and the way. Whatever you desire for yourself, wish the same for others. If you expect something from people, give the same to them. There is nothing greater than love. There is nothing more holy than love. There is nothing more true than love, nothing more real. So let us hand our lives over to love and seal the bond of love.

-Eberhard Arnold