Sunday, August 3, 2014

trip adventure

welty house

stax and rodg

goner rodg

Sorry for no post last week! It's been a busy time because we went out of town this week to Jackson, MS to visit the Eudora Welty House for an upcoming library exhibit and came back via Memphis to break up the drive and have some fun, as you can see we did! Highlights of the week have included:

Falling in love with Eudora Welty. What a lovely woman. You have to hear her talk. I haven't been able to find much on You Tube, but this should work. And her niece was so welcoming and kind.

Seeing Richard Jenkins in Jackson! (I will not say where because he looks like a man who likes his privacy, although he returned my friendly smiles when I thought he was just a guy who looked like Richard Jenkins - confirmed he's shooting a film in Jackson when I got home.)

The amazing Stax Museum and a happy Rodg at Goner Records.

Seeing Lama Marut at Cheekwood at the end of the week. His Be Nobody book has knocked me out and it was a real treat to see him in person.

So much goodness! I hope your week was fun, too!