Sunday, May 11, 2014

haiku adventure

drive home from loose leaf hollow

I know, almost as soon as I got home I was back on the road again. But my dear Joe Z. was offering a one-day retreat I couldn't resist: Stalking the Wild Haiku! I drove up on Friday afternoon and back on Saturday after a day of wandering in the beautiful Kentucky countryside, stopping here and there to jot down a haiku in my little notebook. Here are a few to document the day:

On a meander -
I love walking in the rain.
And now an excuse.

Green sprouts in brown field
Rain is pattering, soft, soft.
Black cows standing guard.

Cedar heavy with
marooned, orange sea-creatures...
how mysterious!

Indigo bunting
distracts me on the road back -
no time for poems now.

The afternoon sun
dances on the back porch leaves.
Rain a memory.

The wind in the trees
and the sound of my footsteps
then a rooster crows.

Written to stillness,
my mind floats like the branches -
open and content.

Opening, closing,
the butterfly tests her wings
or just feels the sun.

My eyes love to look!
A day in nature is a
treat for mind and soul!

Joe really designed a wonderful little retreat for our lovely group - complete with a great and fitting Friday night movie for our day in nature: The Way with Martin Sheen. One of my fellow retreatants had actually walked the Camino and it was a treat to get to hear about her experience. Although I was only away for a little over 24 hours I came home in a completely different place - feeling quite held and supported by nature and community. What a gift!

And a very happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful and amazing mothers in my life. I so appreciate you all!