Sunday, April 6, 2014

wonder adventure

redbud season

What a week this was! We're doing a renovation at my work, which has us all a little on edge I think. Something happened that really got my ego all stirred up and on Wednesday night I was the closest I've ever been to wanting to transfer to a branch, to say "To hell with all this, you do it!" and walk away. And then in a moment of grace I saw it all for what it was - pain feeding pain. And then love and possibility came back into my heart and I remembered that if I transferred I would miss so many people and lose the opportunity to try out some exciting new ideas. I only mention this story because it was a big part of what put me in my current frame of mind, which is "Grounded Gratitude," a phrase coined by my friend, Joe Z. I keep finding myself singing that great line from Van Morrison's "Inarticulate Speech of the Heart": "I'm a soul in wonder!" I think sometimes we have to go through what I call "the Big Squeeze" to break through to this place of wonder and gratitude, to be reminded of what we really care about and how good we really have it. So if you're going through a Big Squeeze right now, take heart, and trust that the process will land you in a far better place.

The redbuds are blooming in the woods right now. I always really enjoy their subtle beauty and think we should have a special celebration like the Japanese have for the beloved Cherry Blossom. This means dogwoods can't be far behind and then the woods will get green and leafy and we'll forget the other more desolate costume they wear when Persephone returns to Hades. In the meanwhile, I'm going to soak all of this up! I am, indeed, a soul in wonder.