Sunday, July 7, 2013

creative expression inspiration adventure

beautiful chard

I'm getting really excited to start the Engaged Humanities and the Creative Life program next month! It's definitely making me more mindful about what inspires me creatively. Here are a few things that I want to be sure to keep in mind as inspiration once the program begins and thought I'd share them here, too:

- Pina Bausch. My dear brother gave me the gorgeous Criterion Collection set of the Wim Wenders documentary and it knocked me out. Turns out Bausch had choreographed the dance sequences in the Almodovar movie Talk to Her that had blown me away years ago. Wow.

- Velo Theatre. I had the incredible good fortune to see this amazing French object theater troupe perform "And Then He Ate Me" at the puppet festival a couple of weekends ago. Again, wow. I was stunned into silence after the performance, which took place in an enormous tent that had been installed in the library's Grand Reading Room, totally and completely transforming the space into a place of magic. I love how the piece blends the exploration of archetypes and myth with theater. Simply amazing.

- Nox. I'm just now dipping my toe into this book that a dear friend loaned to me way too long ago. As fate would have it, I think I'm dipping in at just the right time... Images here.

- The Healing Spirit of Haiku. Dr. Rowland recommended this book in my phone interview for the program. It's organized almost as a conversation between two poets, one of whom, Joel Weishaus, is a poet in residence at Pacifica. I find it very delightful and inspiring, in part because of the beautiful illustrations by Arthur Okamura, in part because of the book's balance of structure and freedom, and in part because of the deep, simply expressed spirituality.

- Wayne White. We finally watched Beauty is Embarrassing last night - it's streaming these days on Netflix, which made it very easy for us and I'm hoping easy for you. I love so much about this guy and his work - the struggle between the light and dark really came through for me last night. Plus, I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for the F-word.