Saturday, May 18, 2013

continuing adventure

my sweet patron of the arts

Since I last checked in with you here, we went to see Opeth again in Lexington, which was tons of fun. And because it was a Wednesday night, instead of a Saturday night, it was something of a mellower scene and I once again found a place to perch, so easy peasy for Lizzy. And I'm glad I conserved my energy because two days after that we had Stephan Crump and Mary Halvorson down from New York to perform at Zeitgeist Gallery's Indeterminacies series. Wow! What an awesome evening. And just to gild the lily, we went out that next night to hear Lambchop and the Matthew Shipp Trio, which was pretty transcendent music in a pretty remarkable dive.

pushing it over the edge

Now I've had a week to rest up and am hitting the road this afternoon to go see the Dalai Lama! How often does one get to say that? Please check in next week for a full report...