Saturday, March 9, 2013

fun vs duty adventure

1 hour what?

(Let's just say I didn't take this because it made me think of the Vietnamese dish...)

It hit me this afternoon that I'd lost my sense of fun. Not for long, thank goodness, but long enough to be approaching things I'd been finding fun with a sense of duty. Like all my wonderful woo woo adventures - I was finding myself feeling like I needed to find some "hard evidence" that they were "working". Well, that's really enough to take all the joy out of it. Right now doing them simply because I love to and they delight me is evidence enough that they're of benefit. That really is my truth. As Ana Forrest writes in her amazing Fierce Medicine:

No wonder we have so much difficulty discerning our heart's desire; we have to cut through a lot of well-intentioned yet stupid teaching to find out what it is. But if we learn to follow our heart's desire and can get through the initial blowback, if we're taught to follow our Spirit's calling, how could that not be a tremendous gift to our family and community? Yes, sometimes following our heart's desire leads us into some crazy-ass places, but that's just part of it.

Somehow my sweetie must have caught the vibe of fun, too, because when I got home from work/errands today, he had Elvis on the stereo - that's just the quintessential fun music to me! Hope you're finding something that delights your heart these days. Maybe meerkats?

curious meerkat