Friday, May 11, 2012

quiet adventure


It's been quiet over here because I was away last week at the annual spring retreat with Jon Bernie and several other dear souls in my life. I really look forward to these weekends every year. It feels so good to be with friends and family, mostly in silence. Even though it seems like you wouldn't feel like you'd had much of a visit, it goes really deep. And then there are the hours of practice (which I just love - was I a monk/nun in many past lifetimes?), and the beautiful surroundings, and the delicious food. Every year I watch people around me struggle. I wonder if I'm repressing something, but the more I feel inside, the more happy and just totally in love I feel. Who knows? Some year it may be different, and that will be fine.

So, I got home after midnight on Sunday and was up five hours later, back in my "regular life". In past years this might have freaked me out or led to resentment, but I feel like this retreat prepared me perfectly for it. At one point during the weekend, Jon had a dialogue with a lovely woman about how overwhelming her life felt. He said that it was overwhelming, but that she'd made it to the retreat, that our lives are overwhelming, but if we just keeping doing the next thing that needs to be done it somehow seems to work out. At least that's basically what I heard.

So I just did the next thing that needed to be done this week: work projects, laundry, shopping, sleeping, exercising, meditating. And it was a lovely week. Hope yours was, too!