Sunday, January 15, 2012

grateful adventure

flowery heart

This was a real Friday the 13th kind of week. So many things went "wrong", but even in the midst of all of it, so many things went right. And here's a list of those things that I'm grateful for:

~even though the museum director was 2.5 hours late and brought too small a vehicle to carry most of the crates in, we still got to Puckett's in time and had an awesome breakfast and (by that point) just laughed about the fiasco
~even though another 7 crates were delivered to gallery storage two days later, they arrived right on time and fit just fine
~even though the Squam registration form I paid to arrive in Rhode Island by noon the next day actually left Nashville the evening of that next day, I still got confirmation last night that I'm in the cabin with all my dear friends and got all my first choices for classes
~even though I got the date wrong for my monthly lunch with one of my favorite people, I still had lunch with her the next day and it actually prompted me to pick up lunch for another sweet (and hungry) friend who hadn't been able to join us for the delicious Puckett's breakfast
~even though it rained a lot this week the roofers were still able to get the work done (and for less than I thought it would be)
~even though I misremembered another lunch date with a different dear friend, we're still on for next week and it meant I could have lunch with some other favorite people
~even though it was a gray week with lots of rain and even some snow, this weekend has been full of sunshine and blue skies
~even though my exhausted mind can spin a compelling story of anxiety and worry, I've had a taste of what it feels like to give it a break lately by just staying simply with how I'm feeling

Yeah, I might be the most grateful for that last item.