Saturday, September 24, 2011

summer adventure

sweet faces

Amazing how this beautiful planet keeps spinning and before you know it another season is here. So I thought I'd like to look back at this summer and take stock of what I learned from her:

*I'm a contemplative mutt, a happy contemplative mutt

*Steaming farm fresh eggs is the way to go, although I'm still finetuning the timing

*Just because my work was really mellow in July didn't mean August wouldn't come along and basically kick me in the side of my head

*I really want to learn Spanish, even if it would make sense to learn Italian or brush up on my French for the traveling we may be doing

*On a related note, I could listen to this song every day

*When shooting off That's Your Problem fireworks, pay attention to the label and make sure they're well secured

*It may be time to take an ecourse hiatus

*Watching tree frogs eating moths on the window of our back door while I'm eating dinner is pretty much paradise

What did you learn this summer?